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I love the beach, palm trees, and ocean waves. Flowers, yellow patio chairs, and digging in the dirt. Yes, I am a multifaceted, country beach type of gal. I love all things in nature. I find true happiness and joy in uplifting others through anonymous deliveries and gratitude.

Life takes us down many adventurous roads and I have found that gratitude and appreciating what is right in front of me gives me the courage to extend to others. I have also found that the simple act of reaching out creates a ripple and in return, I receive much joy.

This is why I created a gratitude journal and anonymous delivery service. It’s in the present moments, the everyday rhythms that we find our true joy and happiness.

I’m so excited that you stopped by and I welcome you to the power of The Grateful Living Journey. A way of living that will transform your life! Come along with me and lets journey together in gratitude.


A Powerful Way to Start Your Day

Do you ever wonder why so many of your days go off the rails, leaving you discontented and tired? Believe it or not, this lovely little guided journal could be the answer you're looking for. This pretty blue & gold book is actually a template for how to set the tone and the energy flow of your day, so you will be more in charge of how your day goes.
Countless wise teachers have shared that starting our day with the energy of gratitude is incredibly powerful. Why? Because appreciation and gratitude are pure, high-vibe energy. And isn't that the way you want to start your day?
The author also provides space for you to expand on your thoughts. I use that space to "script" my day with positive intentions for how my day will go. There's also space to list a few "priority" and "fun" goals. Since many of us have a thousand things to do everyday, this space is useful to narrow down what's really most important. I use the fun goals list mostly for self-care type of things, to remember to make time to take a walk or stop at my favorite tea shop, etc.
The author has set up a template that makes it easy to spend no more than 10 minutes each morning setting the tone and focus for your day. If you use it, you will be shocked at how much better your days will go. - Dr Kyra Mesich, author of The Strength of Sensitivity

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