Meet Kristy

I have found that staying connected with God and reaching out to others are vitally important to my well-being. In 2019, I started making bracelets and giving them away for gifts. Then the 2020 pandemic came along, and I saw a need. The disruption of our way of life affected us all. From restaurant closings, school closings, and church closings our way of life shifted abruptly. We all became homebound-isolated. Then I realized something, I knew the feeling of an abrupt life shift as I have had many twists and turns on my journey.

While the world was unraveling in 2020, I found comfort and joy sitting at my farmhouse kitchen table in South Dakota making bead bracelets. As I made these bracelets, I found joy in being connected with God as I prayed, meditated, and immersed myself into the things that brought me joy. I finally realized that true joy is found in being me. It is found in staying connected to God, creating new and exciting things, loving my family and friends, and creating the ripple effect of love, light, and joy for others. I invite you to also be yourself, do what brings you joy, and join me in sending ripples of love, light, and joy across the world.